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For lunch yesterday, a fellow intern and I decided to ditch our Lean Cuisines waiting in the Bureau’s freezer and ventured out into the Carmel Arts & Design District in search of a good salad.

We didn’t have to go far (ok, we stepped outside the door) before we found just the place: Woody’s Library Restaurant.

Walking in, what first caught our eyes was the rows of bookshelves, creating small, intimate little alcoves for our dining pleasure. Once seated at our table in the corner, we scanned the book titles on the shelf next to us, wondering from where they might have gotten their eclectic collection of books. Residing on those shelves was everything from Shakespeare and Chaucer to Readers’ Digest collections and encyclopedias.

When our menus arrived and we both scanned the soup and salad section, and I had my eye on the Spinach Cobb Salad…that was, until I heard the daily special, which, after much debate, Emma and I both ended up ordering.

And by no means were we sorry.

This warm turkey wrap was full of all kinds of goodies, so much so that we had trouble trying to find the turkey. Dried cranberries, romaine lettuce, pecans, brie cheese, honey mustard and, of course, turkey were all neatly folded together in a HUGE wrap, that, despite its size, neither of us seemed to have much trouble finishing.

Although I am sad that my wonderful turkey wrap was only a one-day special, there were plenty of other things on the menu that I want to be sure to try. If nothing else, I’d go back just to try some of the yummy sounding appetizers – which, considering Woody’s half-price appetizer deal from 3-6 everyday, I might just have to do.


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Today I was reading through the 75 Dishes to Crave article in the June Indianapolis Monthly and found my mouth watering…  So many thingsNoble Coffee & Tea on the list sound absolutely amazing (#38…  #66…  #69…).  After reading #5 on the list I had to muster all of my self-control to NOT drive straight to Matteo’s on the Noblesville Square to devour a plate of “cream-drenched cheese-stuffed tortellini.”  YUM!

The article also made me think – what are some of the dishes in Hamilton County that I crave?  What about my co-workers?  We ARE the self proclaimed experts on all things food in Hamilton County’s 8 Great Towns and we have some unique, great local Indiana dining options here – so below is a list of 8 Dishes that WE Crave (thank you to Indianapolis Monthly for the great story – and the extra 5 pounds I will gain as a result):

1. For me, anything from “Happy Hour” at Kona Grill is what I crave.  At various times throughout the week you can eat sushi, pizzas, tacos and other appetizers at unbelievable prices ($3-$5, and drinks are also discounted).  The California Roll is my personal favorite, followed closely by the Margherita Pizza.  14395 Clay Terrace Blvd., Carmel, 566-1400


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