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In June we posted about 8 Dishes WE Crave, which was inspired by an Indianapolis Monthly article.  Well, we all love food so much and we have so many unique Indiana dining options here that we couldn’t stop at 8 items – in fact, I think we’ll struggle to stop after this round.  Either way, below are 8 MORE Dishes that WE Crave.  Enjoy!

Pie in a Jar from Lisa's Pie Shop

Pie in a Jar from Lisa's Pie Shop

1.  Between the food, the tea and the experience, Ashley can’t select just 1 goodie from the Ruby Pear in Noblesville; “Something that I always enjoy is a trip to the Ruby Pear. From the delicious soups to the dainty sandwiches, their delicate lunches are always a treat. The real treat are the scones and fat rascal cookies, I personally LOVE the vanilla cookies. I usually save the chocolate covered strawberry for a later indulgence!” 1095 Conner Street, Noblesville, 317-770-8322

2.  Our intern, Emma, craves a fried delight from Sahm’s, “Although they are not technically a dish, Sahm’s carrot curls surpass any other crunchy, fried snack I have ever encountered.  They are light, crispy, and are dusted with just the right amount of salt.  Plus carrots are vegetables, so they are still good for you… Right?” 11590 Allisonville Road, Fishers, 317-842-1577

3. As a Christmas treat a few years ago, we gave away Pie in a Jar from Lisa’s Pie Shop. The Pie in a Jar was initially created as a way to salvage pies that weren’t perfect, and then they took off!  Both the sweet filling and crust are served in the jar and makes for an unforgettable surprise.  She has a variety of flavors; Apple, Apricot, Peach, Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb and Black Raspberry – my favorite is the good old fashioned Apple.  YUM. 5995 S US Highway 31, Atlanta, 317-758-6944

Continue reading for delicious details on Serendipity, Fionn MacCool’s, Bub’s Cafe, Sullivan’s Steakhouse & Keltie’s….



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Tea for 2

Today I went to Serendipity Tea Room in Carmel, Indiana’s Arts & Design District for lunch and had the most delicious turkey asparagus wrap – oh my, it was so good…  This wrap had perfectly cooked asparagus, just the right amount of cream cheese and a soft scone on the side – yum.  I felt so fancy with the marble floors, ornate ceilings and the glass topped tables that were decorated with fresh flowers.  The owner came out from the kitchen to chat with everyone and encouraged each guest to sample her new almond flavored tea.  We all happily sipped the red tea from cute little teacups – it was so fun!

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