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Last summer my husband and I went to visit my dad/stepmom in Cleveland, Ohio.  We were trying to think of something fun and different to do when my dad mentioned that we should try Letterboxing.  Letterboxing?  What is that?  He let me know it is when you have a set of clues and search for the hidden “treasure” (usually a book where you place your own personal stamp).  Huh?


Letterboxing goodies

For a more accurate definition, I sought out Letterboxing.org for answers.  Basically, letterboxing is an intriguing mix of treasure hunting, art, navigation, and exploring interesting, scenic, and sometimes remote places.  The idea is someone hides a waterproof box somewhere (in a beautiful, interesting or remote location) containing at least a logbook and a carved rubber stamp, and sometimes other goodies.  The “hider” then writes directions to the box, which can be straightforward, cryptic or any degree in between.  Often the clues involve map coordinates or compass bearings from landmarks, but they don’t have to.  Once the clues are written, “hunters” in possession of the clues attempt to find the box. In addition to the clues and any maps or tools needed to solve it, the hunter should carry at least a pencil, his personal rubber stamp, an inkpad, and his personal logbook. Once the hunter successfully deciphers each clue and finds the box, he stamps the logbook in the box with his personal stamp, and stamps his personal logbook with the box’s stamp. The box’s logbook keeps a record of all its visitors, and the hunters keep a record of all the boxes they have found, in their personal logbooks.

Well, after figuring out what it was all about, my family and I went out on a hunt for this treasure and it was FUN!  We went to a beautiful park and had a little treasure hunt.  We hiked around, stopped at the sites, laughed as we attempted to follow the directions and then happily found the treasure.  It was a great way to get outside with family and DO something (for FREE!) – not to mention the scenery was lovely.  So this day inspired me to look up Hamilton County, Indiana locations –and I discovered that we have 14 hidden boxes.  For more details (and to take your family out for an unforgettable day of treasure hunting) go to Letterboxing.org.


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1. Dance with friends in the pavilion of Verizon Wireless to some of your favorite songs at the No Doubt concert – Friday, July 10.

2. Looking for a free event that is perfect for the whole family?  West Park in Carmel is hosting “Movies in the Park” – Friday, July 10.

3. Buy fresh fruits, veggies, flowers and more at the Fishers Farmer’s Market – Saturday, July 11.

4. Rock the District in Carmel and enjoy 3 stages of music, highlighting the best in local bands, food, fun and more! – Saturday, July 11.

5. Wander Noblesville Square while browsing artwork on display by local artists and craft makers.  Many creations are also available for sale!  – Saturday, July 11. 

6. Hop aboard the train in Noblesville and ride to Fishers on the Nickel Plate Limited – Saturday, July 11.

7. Get spooked on the Nefarious Noblesville Ghost Walk Tour– Saturday, July 11.

8. Tee off with pals at one of our beautifully manicured local golf courses – Sunday, July 12. 


*Visit us online at http://8GreatTowns.com for more details on the activities above.


Rock the District, Photo Courtesy of Wyant Photography

Rock the District, Photo Courtesy of Wyant Photography

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Intern Kim in Downtown Arcadia, Indiana

Rachel in Downtown Arcadia, Indiana


Last week many of us from the Hamilton County CVB traveled around the county to take “This Place Matters” pictures at several of our favorite historic spots.  

We went north to Arcadia, visited Sheridan and made our final stop for lunch and pictures on the Historic Noblesville Square.  Once we got back we eagerly uploaded the photos to the National Preservation website and were excited to see Hamilton County, Indiana photos mixed in with pictures taken in New York, Chicago, South Carolina and more.  The month of May is Preservation month – so you are NOT too late to get out and take your own photo!

 To download a sign and for image uploading information, follow this link:  www.PreservationNation.org.

Make Hamilton County, Indiana Matter!

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The first Farmer’s Market of the season is this weekend, and I could not be more excited.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer with my family is wake up early and travel to the  different Farmer’s Markets in the county. My husband and I strap Christopher into his stroller so we can

Local Farmer's Marketeasily visit vendors selling tasty green beans, ripe tomatoes, sweet ears of corn, fresh cut flowers, handpicked herbs, spices and more.  There is even a booth at Fishers that has doggie treats!  I can’t think of a better way to guarantee you are eating good, quality food at a low price.  Four of the 8 Great Towns in Hamilton County, Indiana have a Farmer’s Market every weekend from mid-May to late-August – if you are here with the family, or on a romantic getaway, or are a local be sure to stop by one of these Markets!

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