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We recently started working with an ad agency and now it feels like we have extended our staff (who just happen to be in another building).  Our new “co-workers” now share with us the fun things they do within the 8 Great Towns of Hamilton County – and so were delighted to be greeted with the following announcement from Dan Myers on the wall of our Facebook Fan Page

Went to Bub’s in the Great Town of Carmel yesteday. I tackled the Big Ugly (22 ounces of joy). Best (and largest) burger I have had in ages.  I ate the entire thing and got my picture on the wall.
Below is a picture of Dan’s burger – off to the side you MAY see the burger his wife had for dinner.  Go to Bub’s Burgers in Carmel, Indiana for a meal you won’t soon forget!
The Big Ugly Burger

The Big Ugly Burger


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The staff at the Hamilton County, Indiana CVB classifies ourselves as “foodies.”  When we are not eating, we are talking about eating.  Heck, we sometimes talk about eating when we ARE eating.  We take our meals very seriously, so when a few of us decided to take our new intern, Danielle, to lunch we couldn’t decide where to go – and not because of a lack of options.  Do we walk to Bub’s Burgers in Carmel for the famous Big Ugly Burger?  Or to we drive to Noblesville for an All-American meal at the Hamilton Restaurant?  But what about filling up on chicken fingers dipped in honey mustard at Nickel Plate in Fishers?  We finally settled on going to Keltie’s in Westfield to try the Beggar’s Purse that our very own Karen Radcliff can not stop raving about.  


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