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As you may know from our previous blog post, last week the HCCVB had the pleasure of taking Indiana State Tourism blogger, Amy, and her family on a “staycation” of Hamilton County, Indiana.

Although I only tagged along for the Carmel portion of the tour, Amy and her family continued on to Noblesville. Being a native Noblesvillian, I was excited to learn that they hit two of my favorite spots, The Wild Book Store and Alexander’s On the Square.

From kitty cats to ice cream cones, click on the link below to read about this family’s adventures in Historic Downtown Noblesville:



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Thursday evening was my weekly date night with my boyfriend (we’re trying to get out and do things this summer, so these weekly rendezvous will probably be the source of many of these blogs). Rather than the usual dinner and a movie, we decided to tap into our inner children and spend the evening at Ben and Ari’s in Fishers. For $10 we played a round of miniature golf. We walked right in, and one of the workers tore herself away from a group of Girl Scouts to get us our clubs and balls. If you’re looking to go, I’d recommend a quick game on an evening during the week – we were the only ones on the course. There were no lines, no waiting, and no impatient patrons behind us, it was great.


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