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Whenever I visit a new place, I first ask “What do the locals do?”  Well, this weekend THIS local felt like a tourist in my own county.  On Saturday, a small group of my girlfriends gathered together at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, Indiana for a quick girlfriend getaway.Hamilton Town Center Hamilton Town Center is an outdoor mall – so we were able to feel the sun shining and the breeze blowing as we strolled from shop to shop. We had lunch at a gourmet burger place, where between bites, laughter and chatting was heard from our corner booth.  It was a lot of fun, especially since it has been a long time since we could all just sit back, relax and enjoy a long conversation.

Later in the afternoon we decided to walk over to the Hamilton 16 IMAX to catch a showing of “Time Traveler’s Wife.”  (Side note: As a self diagnosed movie lover, I have been to a LOT of movies and movie theaters – and this theater is one of my favorites.  It is big, clean, open and has the most comfortable chairs).  After the movie we slowly headed back to our cars before sadly parting ways!

ForestparkOn Sunday, we had family over for a visit.  Since it was such a beautiful day we wanted to get out and enjoy the perfect weather, so we drove to Forest Park, also in Noblesville.  Forest Park is a large park with tons of green grass, mature trees, pretty flowers – not to mention places to play, places to eat and paths to wander along.  We had our very own Indiana family adventure!  We started our visit by walking down one of the paths.  We walked by families celebrating birthday’s, friends playing volleyball, teenagers enjoying the skate park and small groups of people tee’ing off at the park golf course.  We stopped to let Christopher play on the playground equipment and to ride the carousel. Then we paused to watch a baseball game that was being played by a group of very dedicated high schoolers.

Alexander's on the Square, photo from DestinationNoblesville.com

Alexander's on the Square, photo from DestinationNoblesville.com

After an afternoon filled with fun activities, we were famished!  We went to Noblesville Historic Square to look for a cool, local dining spot and decided on Alexander’s on the Square (as a warning, Sunday evenings are a little slow on the Square, not a lot of shops/restaurants are open).  When we walked in, we were pleasantly surprised to see the placed filled with families, teenagers and grandparents all happily eating their sweet ice cream treats.  My family sat in the booth by a window offering a great view of the Historic Square.  The food there is tenderloin & chicken fingers type of food, and while we really wanted to get a cone before we left, we were too full from dinner to manage another bite!

What a great way to spend a weekend….


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If your family is in need of an Indiana weekend getaway, look no further than Hamilton County’s 8 Great Towns.

Day 1 begins at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, where your family will be transported back in time.  You will be guided through history with the aide of Interpreters as your family visits a pioneer village, a working farm and a Lenape Indian camp.  See a Headless Horseman, exhibits, rare animal breeds and theatre performances.  Ride 350 feet into the air on the 1859 Balloon Voyage.  Don’t leave without eating a hand dipped caramel apple at the Apple Store – and don’t deprive yourself of the sweet, tasty cider slushy…

The 1859 Balloon Voyage ready for take off! Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/connerprairie/

The 1859 Balloon Voyage ready for take off! Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/connerprairie/

Once the day is done at Conner Prairie and you are ready for a good, affordable dinner, stop by Alexander’s on the Square in Noblesville.  Alexander’s is a local family friendly restaurant with great food, delicious ice cream and it won’t hurt your wallet.  Drive back to the hotel (need ideas on lodging in Hamilton County?  Click here: Where to stay) and get plenty of rest – because your weekend is not over!

Start the next day with breakfast at Bub’s Café (try the Cinnamon Croissant French Toast, wow).  As a family, take a walk or a bike ride under the trees of the Monon Trail (bikes can be rented down the road from Bub’s Café at Carmel Cyclery).


Biking the Monon

Once the group is ready for lunch, drive straight to Big Hoffa’s Barbeque in Westfield.  The food is amazing and prices range from $4.50 to about $10.00 (you can also split a larger combo meal between the whole family).  After the feast is complete, drive a few minutes east to Forest Park in Noblesville.  Settled into the park setting is the Indiana Transportation Museum – where you can tour trains or take a train ride.  This fall, you’ll want to hop aboard the Pumpkin Train.  The train takes you through the countryside of Hamilton County and let’s you off at a local farm so that you can search for the perfect pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Train

The Pumpkin Train

In the late afternoon, the train will bring you back to Forest Park to depart.  Grab dinner on the Historic Square before you head back to the hotel to call it a night!

For a detailed, printable map of these activities, visit: http://8greattowns.com/content/view/39/78/

Enjoy your fall Indiana family vacation!

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Yesterday I had a great opportunity to take in the some of the sites in Noblesville while doing some research and promotion for the Nickel Plate Arts Trail.   Not being a Hamilton County native, I’ve learned quite a lot just from driving around the county.  But yesterday I was given the opportunity to feed both my mind and my stomach.

Doing research can work up an appetite, so some ladies from the office and I stopped for lunch at The Hamilton Restaurant located just off the square in Noblesville.  The atmosphere was quite a nice mix of elegant and casual and most everything on the menu sounded delicious.  After a long debate I decided on the chef salad and others in the group chose salads as well.  When my plate arrived I knew I had made the right decision.   The salad was piled high with turkey, ham, hard-boiled egg, and tons of fresh veggies.   All it needed was a dose of good old ranch dressing, and I was set!

After a satisfying lunch, my research partner and I headed out to the shops around the square.  First we stopped in the Anthony J. Padgett Gallery and met Anthony himself.  It was a great shop and I happened to notice that there was even a painting in progress on a drafting table near the window.   It’s fun to look at art, but it’s even better when you can witness it being created!  Next we headed over to the Logan Village Mall, which housed a vast maze of collectibles.  I could have spent all day uncovering treasures, but alas we had to continue.  The next stop was Eleanor Rozella’s.  The staff was extremely friendly and only added to atmosphere filled with fun displays of varied items.

At this point I was beginning to think that while my lunch was very good, I needed something more.  Yes, something delicious and decadent to fill the needs of my sweet tooth was definitely in order.  Thank goodness for Alexander’s On the Square!  There I found one of the best flavors of ice cream that I have ever encountered in my lifetime: buckeye ice cream.  The ice cream had a light peanut butter flavor, ribbons of chocolate, and tiny peanut butter and chocolate buckeye candies.  It was the perfect ending to a research-filled day in Noblesville!

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